Waste compliance

Working in the field of waste and data, we make great efforts to be fully compliant with legislation and operate a quality service.

We are registered with SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) as an Authorised Treatment Facility.  Our SEPA registration is WML/XC/1095902 for repair and refurbishment of WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) at a secure place.

Our Waste Carriers Licence (PCT-E-120) was registered in 2007.

We provide companies donating computer equipment with the Waste Transfer Notes and Letters of Disposal they need as set out by the Environment Agency.

Furthermore, Reusing IT can all track all donated equipment by bar coding it, therefore individuals and companies can know precisely where their PCs have been sent.

Our recycling process exceeds WEEE Directive requirements for disposal, as we work to the PAS/141 standard (the quality standard in the re-use industry which ensures a product is fit for purpose).

Any equipment which fails tests for reuse is recycled and 0% goes into landfill.