Our people

Our Trustees

Ross Cockburn: an IT Manager with UTC Fire and Security for over 25 years. Ross founded Reusing IT after seeing the opportunities presented by the numbers of computers being needlessly disposed and the people throughout the world who would benefit from having access to a computer.

John Reid: a highly experienced software engineer who looks after Reusing IT’s software compliance and installation within our Microsoft Office refurbisher partnership agreement.

John Patchett: a qualified accountant with a background in the finance industry, John has responsibility for overseeing Reusing IT’s finances.

Our volunteers: are typically people with a passion for computers who get a buzz from the overall aims of Reusing IT. Our volunteers have hands-on roles in the refurbishment, logistics and testing elements of our processes, and get directly involved with the end-user projects locally and in Africa.

Our origins: In 1999, Ross Cockburn an IT professional had computers which were no longer needed. Linking with Computers for Africa (a school based project in the Scottish Highlands) he went on to supply them with equipment. Visiting Kenya as part of this link, Ross recognised the need for computers in Africa and the enormous value which they could bring to people there.

Since then, a small group of core volunteers have reprocessed and supplied over 3000 PCs to more than 10 countries across Africa including Kenya, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. All of the PCs transported there have been donated by individuals or organisations upgrading their equipment, and thus have been diverted from the waste stream.

Reusing IT formalised as a charity in 2007 and further developments in recent years have included linking with West Lothian schools and employment projects, where computers are supplied to families who are unable to afford them.